Allegro Moderato

About us

The stately home, whose facade attracts everyone's attention,
was the meeting place of the guild of the unfree skippers a few years ago.

The murals, which are made after an eighteenth-century model,
along with classical music,
take the visitor back to the days of guilds and crafts in a flash

Chef: Davey Jonkman

Davey Jonkman stands for innovative, skilled and energetic.
His motto: “Quality and respect for seasonal products.”


His ambitions to run his own kitchen bring him to 'Allegro Moderato' in Ghent. Here, as a chef, he can show his passion for refined French-Belgian cuisine.



Davey, a passionate Dutch chef, spent his early years working in restaurants in his own country, from where he left for France to learn the refined French cuisine.

After this training, Davey ends up in Belgium. Over the course of 5 years, he honed his culinary skills in two renowned restaurants in Brussels.

'La Belle Maraîchère', a renowned gastronomic restaurant specializing in fish and shellfish, teaches him to work with delicate sea products. In the refined creative kitchen of 'Comme Chez Soi', he perfects his culinary skills.